Baiyang group was founded in 2000 and the headquarters is located in Guangxi Nanning High-tech Industry Development Zone. Awarded as national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Baiyang group has built up a complete industrial chain and the business includes aquatic R&D, aquatic fry breeding, feedstuff production, fish farming, aquatic products processing, gelatine and other biological product  production.The group have nearly thirty branch,subsidiary and holding companies which locate in Guangxi,Guangdong and Hainan province.In Sep. 5th 2012,Baiyang group listed on Shenzhen exchange with the name “Baiyang stock”,and the stock code is 002696.

By the efforts in the past 10 years, Baiyang group has been ranked first in the country according to the tilapia processing and export volume. Persisting in the lateral expansion and vertical extension on the industrial chain, Baiyang has successfully upgraded its operation mode from preliminary processing on aquatic products to intensive processing on both foods and biological products.

At present, the group has a feed production plant in Nanning with a capacity over 120 thousand tons per year,owns many large-scaled breeding bases respectively in Nanning, Guiping, Baise as well as Fangchenggang,  and has set up 6 aquatic food processing factories in the main tilapia farming areas of China,like Nanning,Beihai,Maoming,Zhanjiang and Haikou etc. The frozen tilapia products of Baiyang group are exported to the United States, Russia, Mexico, European Union, Middle East and other countries and regions. Baiyang group was not only awarded as the most influential tilapia enterprise in China and the most outstanding contributor to China tilapia industry, but also was granted by the government as the national demonstration base of agricultural products processing and the national tilapia processing R&D center.

In the field of biological products, the group owns two subsidiaries with advanced technologies: one is Guangdong Baiwei Biology Co, Ltd , the other is Nanning Jiaying Biology Co, Ltd. The companies make use of fish skin and fish scale as raw material and produce high-quality gelatin and collagen products, which can be widely used in the production of make-up, beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

Baiyang group is also committed to intensive processing for aquatic food. Baiyang Shidai Co,Ltd., another subsidiary of Baiyang group, has got a patent for its special series of ‘tilapia dishes’, which creates a new concept on Chinese instant foods and makes them large-scaled produced in a standardized manner in the factory rather than in restaurants.

The group has always taken safety and quality as the foundation of the company, establishing a sound system for quality control and food safety.  With the certifications such as ISO, HACCP, EEC, ACC(BAP) and BRC, the company set up a reliable quality traceability system: all the tilapia materials come from bases approved by CIQ and strict inspections are implemented from raw materials to finished products. Moreover, the inspection center of Baiyang group has reached the same level as a state-owned center of the province, which gives an effective guarantee for food security.

Baiyang Group has been always dedicating to providing our customers with high-quality aquatic food and biological products. Our goal is to build the company into a responsible, profitable and multinational enterprise with a good reputation, being the leader in the global aquaculture industry.

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